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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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This meeting can be used to satisfy your 2019 Recertification training requirement.

The September meeting will be a combination of an outdoor field session followed by an indoor clinic.

Head Instructor Jim Smith, will be leading the field session, building upon the field session training he learned about at this year's RDA (where MLS Referee Allen Chapman was the Lead Clinician). 

Dress comfortably for the warm weather, wear sneakers, and bring water for your refreshment during this program. ALSO, please bring your whistle, one of your flags, and your cards.


Following the field session, Instructor Jason Torres will present "Wait and See" as it relates to Offside Law 11 and the critical role that the AR plays in these decisions.

Follow the recertification process by clicking here and sign up for this clinic:  6S-0818-HR78E-0037

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